Wild Mushroom Salt


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Our Wild Mushroom Salt (65g) is packed with flavour and great for finishing off dishes or adding an umami element to whatever you are eating. We take a blend of about 20 varieties of dried Canadian wild mushrooms, such as King Bolete, Black trumpet, Leccinum, Chanterelle, Lobster Mushroom, Hedgehog and much more and grind them into a fine powder, which is then cooked into a slurry of salt, re-dehydrating till it becomes crumbly and free-flowing again. Unlike other mushrooms salts, which are just a blend of salt and mushrooms, our process means you can taste the rich earthy flavour of our mushrooms in every grain of salt, and all of the mushrooms have already been cooked so you can use this to finish dishes or in raw preparations. Lovely sprinkled on hors d’oeuvres, on top of eggs or try to finish a steak. Bottles are 65g


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