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What are Wild mushrooms is the only place where you can easily buy wild mushrooms directly from certified foragers – and have them shipped right to your door. In fact, we started Foraged because we had such a hard time ourselves trying to purchase gourmet wild mushrooms to cook at home. Browse the variety of wild mushrooms available on the Market, and check out all the resources we offer to learn more about the different species and how we are committed to sustainable foods.

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If for some reason, you are the kind of person that goes around harvesting and eating mushrooms from anywhere, then you should never try these mushrooms This might be a reluctant instruction, especially if you have ever had an opportunity to eat well-cooked wild mushrooms for sale. Everything from the rich taste of each bite on your tongue, to the… okay let’s get back to business. Bottom line is that the city of Oregon is blessed with these amazing mushrooms. The Newyork Times did a study in 2011 which showed that about 2000-3000 species of wild mushrooms in Oregon home.

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